Workshop 4 is designed to provide the researchers with an understanding of how user research fits into an agile project working in sprints. It’s designed to ensure that the researchers can work effectively, be heard and contribute fully to an Agile service delivery. It’s crucial that researchers can contextualise the research for other members of an agile team to demonstrate how they are delivering value to the team. This session will cover:

  • user stories – how to translate user needs into chunks of work that can be delivered by team members within a sprint. Includes writing effective stories and acceptance criteria
  • stand ups – how to run an effective stand up and review priorities
  • show and tells – how to describe the value that has been delivered in the sprint and how to effectively share research findings
  • retrospectives – how to ensure retrospectives is a safe place so teams can be open and honest
  • working with designers, developers and product owners to iterate services – how to create actionable insights that make sense to teams, and allow services to be iterated based on your research