User researcher training

We have developed a range of user research training courses and mentoring programmes that have empowered client user research teams to put user needs at the heart of service development. Additionally, we continue to create courses tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. Some the user research methods we cover are described here.


“On behalf of all the team, we have really enjoyed working with you both and have learned a lot – we now need to follow this learning through in our individual projects.  I think what you have armed us with has given us the confidence to tackle this. I will also encourage the team to review the training materials regularly and continue to talk openly and learn from each other. I do hope we get the opportunity to work together again at some point in the future.”

User Research Team Lead

National Government Agency

Modular user researcher training

The perfect way to embed user needs focussed research in your organisation

User researcher training workshop 1 – Research methods for Discovery

An in-depth understanding of each available user research method in Discovery and the appropriate situation to use each method. It includes the opportunity to practice some of the key methods and receive feedback. We cover: interviews - face to face, phone and online,...

User researcher training workshop 2 – Key findings and user needs

Identifying the most important things you have learnt in research and how these translate into key findings and user needs is extremely important. This session covers the basics from affinity sorting to producing a set of user needs. To get the most from this session,...

User researcher training workshop 3 – Designing usability research

The third workshop focusses on understanding how to conduct usability research with a prototype or existing service. This session covers: designing usability research - different methods of usability research which can be used to understand whether your product meets...

User researcher training workshop 4 – User research in an Agile context

Workshop 4 is designed to provide the researchers with an understanding of how user research fits into an agile project working in sprints. It’s designed to ensure that the researchers can work effectively, be heard and contribute fully to an Agile service delivery....

User researcher training workshop 5 – User research feedback

This workshop is designed to provide the researchers with feedback on real life interviews they have conducted. We’d either observe the interviews ‘live’ (facilities permitting) or watch/listen to recordings and provide bespoke feedback and an action plan for...

User researcher training workshop 6 – Service standard assessments

Workshop 6 would include a full mock assessment of research related elements of the service standard, feedback on each of the service standards covered, and support to cover gaps where the current research doesn’t meet the standard. This is based on our experience of...

User researcher training workshop 7 – Designing research for a current Discovery

Working with us to design your own Discovery centred around research. We’d work with you in the early days of a new project to: identify your key users devise strategies for recruiting develop and produce a research plan develop and produce topic guides with input...

User researcher training workshop 8 – Creating discovery outputs

As one of your Discoveries begins to progress, we can provide support to undertake affinity sorting and identify key insights. We’d suggest doing this at a few points within Discovery (mainly dependant on how long you have for Discovery and how much research you are...

User researcher training workshop 9 – User research in Alpha and Beta

We can extend the learning from workshops 7 and 8 for both Alpha and Beta - helping your team understand what needs to be done differently, the most relevant methods, setting up and recruiting, conducting and providing feedback, identifying insights from them and...

User researcher training workshop 10 – Using research evidence to influence senior leaders

We’ve learned over time that user research is most effective when its used to make decisions and is listened to by senior leaders. This workshops aims to give you strategies for dealing with senior leaders and ensuring your research has an impact.

Subjects covered by our user researcher training

These are the headlines on what we cover. If you’d like more detail please get in touch for a chat.

User research functional assessment

To generate value, your organisation must embrace user research as an integral part of its service design and delivery approach. Without this commitment, research and user needs become an aside rather than an enabler.
So, before investing in training or recruitment, it’s crucial to assess how research fits with your organisation. We undertake a thorough assessment of your current user research function and provide advice and support to ensure it’s effective and delivering value.
Crucially, if your organisation’s user research function doesn’t have the conditions for success, we’ll tell you.

Introduction to user research

A one day course for all members of agile teams and the wider organisation to introduce participants to the role of user research, the importance of putting users at the heart of the design and an introduction to the key methods and outputs used such as interviewing, usability research and affinity sorting.

User research training

In order to develop into a successful user researcher, its really important that individuals have a thorough understanding of all the skills and techniques of user research, but also practical experience of how to apply them. Inquire Works provides bespoke training programmes to cover both aspects and help your organisation develop fully rounded user researchers. The number of days recommended for each session will depend on the existing skill levels and amount of practical experience required from the training.
Below are some examples of the types of training we offer:

User research methods

An in-depth understanding of each available user research method and the appropriate situation to use each method. It includes the opportunity to practice key methods and receive feedback. Minimum of 1 day but ideally recommended to be up to a week to allow for practical sessions.

Designing user research for discovery

Working with the user researchers from Inquire Works to design your own discovery centred around research. This covers identifying key questions, setting up research and identifying user needs. This includes working with the whole agile team to ensure research is at the heart of discovery.

This could either be delivered up front, before the start of discovery, or as a joint project where Inquire Works will work with you throughout the discovery and conduct some of the research – allowing your user researchers the chance to observe and conducted supported joint interviews.

Designing usability research

Understanding how to conduct usability research with a prototype. This includes identifying key questions and hypotheses through to conducting the sessions and identifying iterations.

Key findings and user needs

Identifying the most important things you have learnt in research and how these translate to key findings and user needs is extremely important. This session covers the basics from affinity sorting to producing a set of user needs.

Observing user research sessions

Watching and learning from other researchers is an extremely valuable way of learning new research skills. We can organise for your researchers to observe others, either the Inquire Works user researchers conducting research on one of your projects, or other researchers working in a different organisation.