Inquire Works helps organisations meet user needs with end to end services that achieve the outcomes your users rely on.

We do this by discovering evidenced user needs at the outset and evolving and iterating research throughout the lifetime of the service, product or process.

We specialise in Discovery research and training user researchers. We also provide ongoing research consultancy into Alpha and beyond. We have particular expertise in services that meet the Government Service Standard and believe its values can benefit organisations beyond government.

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“I worked with Inquire Works on a service called Check Your Energy Deal – Ofgem’s first citizen facing service. Allon and Nat led the development of this service – introducing the concepts of user research and service design to a team of agile novices.

Their research led to ground breaking insight into why energy consumers don’t switch. They introduced drive and momentum to the work, clearly established the user needs and designed a service that addressed these needs in a very short space of time.”

Senior Delivery Manager

Independent Regulator

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3 months ago
Looking a back over the Discovery we did for DfE and thinking it was a fascinating piece of work and turned out be very much a rehearsal for working remotely.
6 months ago
Beginning a fascinating and very different piece of Discovery User Research for the Department for Education today. More on this later.

User Research

User research, with the people who’s needs you have to understand, is the foundation of every useful and usable service, product and process. It shouldn’t stall delivery but a strong set of evidenced user needs accelerates the process of getting a great service in front of users.

User Needs

You will get tired of hearing this as you learn more about inquire works, but unless you meet user needs, nothing works. Even in situations where an organization feels it has a monopoly, failure to meet user needs compromises not just the viability of the service, but also the perception of the organization.
We’ll help you home-in on real user needs and build services that meet them.

Iterative Delivery

The Government Digital Service, described its strategy as ‘delivery, delivery, delivery’. We couldn’t agree more. Getting a real service – however rough at the edges – in front of real users, as quickly as possible is the first step towards success. We’ll ensure that you deliver real services from the outset and continue to improve outcomes through iteration.

We’ve helped organisations of all sizes, public sector and private, find and meet user needs, including these.

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