Identifying the most important things you have learnt in research and how these translate into key findings and user needs is extremely important. This session covers the basics from affinity sorting to producing a set of user needs.

To get the most from this session, it’s important to have some notes from real interviews with real participants. We can use the outputs for a real project you’re working on, or create a project for the team to work on.

  • affinity sorting – what it is, how it works, identifying key themes and importance of involving the team. We’ll sort all of the findings from the research they’ve conducted and identify the key themes.
  • key insights – how to identify headline findings from the affinity sort, how to prioritise which are the most important, how to write them up and deliver them with impact to the team and stakeholders.
  • user needs – taking the research findings to translate into user needs. How to write them in the words of a user and making sure you have the right format.

Your researchers will leave the session with a thorough understanding of how to turn research outputs into usable products for teams to work with.